Cuisine ouverte

( Season 2021 )

Chef Mory Sacko honors the heritage of French gastronomy from local to global influences. In each region, he reinterprets a recipe and invites local chefs and agricultors.


Chef Mory Sacko pays tribute to the heritage and diversity of French gastronomy through a friendly and inventive exchange between local regional cuisine and one open to the world and all its influences. In each region, he presents his own version of a recipe and invites local chefs and producers.

Presented by: Mory Sacko.
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In Monaco, with Vérino

Mory Sacko is in Monaco. Today he'll be preparing barbajuans, a dish emblematic of the principality made with chard, a typical regional vegetable. And to give his barbajuans a new twist he'll be preparing them jiaozi-style. Offering a helping hand: the humorist Vérino.

Presented by: Mory Sacko.
In Paris, with Pascal Elbé

Mory Sacko decides to attack a vegetable that is normally eaten raw: the radish, and will be cooking it with a Japanese alcohol made from rice. The actor Pascal Elbé is on hand to assist.

Presented by: Mory Sacko.