( Season 1 )
Clovis, still in a relationship with Gabrielle, begins his final year of secondary school with no idea on how to survive it. Since Fanny's return from China, everything's complicated. What he really needs is a survival guide... So he decides to create one for the generations to come.

Directed by: Francis Piquette, Yannick Savard (season 1, Canada, 2019)
Cast: Sam-Éloi Girard (Clovis), Shanti Corbeil-Gauvreau (Fanny), Jade Charbonneau (Gabrielle), Xavier Roberge (Greg), André Kasper (Tarek), Antoine Marchand-Gagnon (Victor), Lévi Doré (Zach), Rose-Anne Déry (Sophie), Rosalie Vaillancourt (Alexandra)