1 hr 45 min
A musical show in the form of a rite of passage. How do the child and the adult find one another? Davy Sicard suggests that it happens through their dreams ...
Recorded at the Téat Champ Fleuri in Saint-Denis de La Réunion.

Authors: Davy Sicard, Marion Sicard
Scenography: Jocelyne Lavielle
Music: Davy Sicard
Choreography: Florence Boyer
Cast: Davy Sicard (vocals, guitar), Florence Boyer (dance), Norbert Naranin (circus), Rahiss Mohamed (bass guitar), Stéphane Guézille (guitar), Frédéric Maillot (rouler bass drum, percussion), Corine Thuy-Thy (kayamb raft rattle, percussion), Stéphanie Aho (cello), Alix Sellambron (sign language)
Directed by: Arnaud Legoff (France, 2017)