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Le concert événement

2 hr 17 min
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The event concert

Celebrating 130 years of the Eiffel Tower. An event celebrated with a big music show open to the public, featuring many performers. The artists will pay tribute to it on stage and in usually inaccessible places. This occasion will be marked by an exceptional light show for the Iron Lady.

Guests: Mika, Florent Pagny, Kendji Girac, Yannick Noah, Mireille Mathieu, Vincent Niclo, Marc Lavoine, Pascal Obispo, Chimène Badi, Isabelle Boulay, BB Brunes, Camille Berthollet, Julie Berthollet, Jean Paul Gautier, Franky Zapata, Nathan Paulin, Patrick Branco Ruivo...

Presented by: Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, Stéphane Bern.
Directed by: François Goetghebeur (France, 2019)