Fort Boyard 2021

( Season 32 )
After a chaotic 2020 season due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 season returned to a much more classic pattern: teams of six candidates, racing through the fort's passages, no more social distancing... And Père Fouras is back in his watchtower thanks to the B.E.E.F. segment.

Presented by: Olivier Minne.


Équipe EndoFrance
The EndoFrance team

EndoFrance works to raise awareness and inform the general public about endometriosis. The association also supports patients and contributes to clinical research into endometriosis.
With: Vaimalama Chaves, Miss France 2019; Lou, singer, actress; Jean-Baptiste Marteau, journalist; Laëtitia Milot, actress; Érika Moulet, journalist; Richard Orlinski, sculptor, musician.

Presented by: Olivier Minne.
The Les Bonnes Fées team

Through its charitable actions the association helps those who are destitute, isolated or seriously ill.
With: Juju Fitcats, youtuber; Cécile Grès, journalist; Bruno Guillon, TV/radio presenter; Tibo Inshape, youtuber; Amandine Petit, Miss France 2021; Sylvie Tellier, managing director Miss France organisation.

Presented by: Olivier Minne.