Cérémonie d'ouverture

1 hr 50 min
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Opening ceremony

« Contes d'un soir » is sponsored by the International French speaking Organisation (OIF). The main purpose of this project is to enhance international recognition of the oral heritage through the art of storytelling.

With: Les femmes battantes, Magda Lena Gorska, Adama Adepoju alias Taxi-Conteur, Ba Banga, Julles Moussoki Mitchum, Mohamadou Fall, Michèle Lora, Doudou Nzio, Ngardoum Mbainadara, Geneviève Wendelski, Boussou Nguessan, Nirina Lune, KPG, Petit Tonton, Bob Bourdon, Raïda Guermazi, Binda Ngazolo, La compagnie Nsoleh, Jihad Darwiche, Obin Manféï, Muriel Bloch, Hassane Kassi Kouyaté.

Presented by: Mariam Coulibaly
Directed by: Vincent Mottez (France, 2019)
Recorded at the Abidjan-Treichville Palace of Culture (8th November 2019)