The daily lives of the men and women of the ambulance services and A&E units around the world. On the site of an accident or within the hospital, a portrait of the anonymous heroes who save lives by administering essential first aid.


dans les villes surpeuplées
Emergencies in overpopulated cities

Mexico City, in the country of Mexico, and Osaka, in Japan, are both amongst the most highly populated cities in the world. The emergency medical services are in frequent demand and face enormous challenges.

Directed by: Fabien Côté, Karina Marceau (Canada, 2019)
au Nouvel An
Emergencies for New Year's Eve

In Australia and Vietnam, New Year's Eve is celebrated in spectacular fashion. A particularly busy night for the staff of the New South Wales Ambulance service and that of Ho Chi Minh City.

Directed by: Éli Laliberté, Robert Tremblay (Canada, 2019)
dans le trafic
Emergencies in the traffic

In Benin, virtually no day passes without at least one fatal traffic accident. The Groupement National fire and rescue service is responsible for taking the injured to hospital. In Thailand, Bangkok suffers from the same curse. The locals call on the Poh Teck Tung Foundation ambulance service.

Directed by: Éli Laliberté, Robert Tremblay, Éric Morneau (Canada, 2019)