Sur les murs

( Season 3 )

Streaming on TV5MONDEplus

For this third season, celebrity artist Richard Orlinski travels to new destinations to meet the street artists from all around the world. Join him for an immersive visit to the world of urban culture!

Richard Orlinski: Long Live Street Art!

How have urban cultures stood up to the post-Covid reality? This is the question asked by sculptor Richard Orlinski, one of today’s best-known French artists. In a new role as the impromptu host of Sur les murs, a show available on the TV5MONDEplus streaming platform, he travels the world meeting Francophone street artists, musicians, dancers, and chefs – “passionate people using cities as the medium for practicing their art and expressing their ideas.”

Read the full interview with Richard Orlinski and learn more about his current art exhibition in Miami.

Directed by: Matthieu Valluet, Nathan Houée (season 3, France, 2023)