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Sur le front

Hugo Clément takes us to meet the men and women fighting to defend the planet, in those places where it is most urgent. A programme to discover those devoting their lives to protecting the world's ecosystems.


Nucléaire, éoliennes : des voisins encombrants !
Nuclear power, wind turbines: cumbersome neighbours!

Where does nuclear waste end up? Are the aging nuclear power stations still safe? What's the real problem with wind farms? Hugo Clément heads to La Hague, where spent fuel is stocked in large pools, and Saint-Brieux Bay to record the noise pollution from a future wind farm.

Directed by: Jean-Marc Philibert (France, 2022)
With Hugo Clément.
Biocarburants, biogaz : le grand enfumage ?
Biofuels, biogas: just a smokescreen?

Hugo Clément reveals the hidden face of the biofuel and biogas industry. Throughout France, he meets members of the general public working to impose greater regulation and to ensure that methanisation plants only operate using waste and no longer with edible foodstuffs.

Directed by: Victor Peressetchensky (France, 2022)
Avec Hugo Clément.