Mon enfant, ce héros

( Season 1 )

The paediatric and child and teenager surgery department at the Vaud University Hospital (CHUV) treats everything from minor ills to chronic diseases. Over a period of six months, between medical treatment and life at home, we follow four young patients with impressive levels of resilience.

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Episode 2: Building trust

Marie, despite her leukaemia, brings a spirit of joy to the whole department, even giving her doctor a nickname: Dr Smurf. Noliam, after three years of daily dialysis, needs to get over a nasty infection. Tiago begins a new course of chemotherapy. Jivan explains his illness, diabetes, to his classmates.

Directed by: Alexandre Lachavanne (season 1, Switzerland, 2021)
Il faut tenir !
Episode 3: Hang on in there!

As Noliam's infection recedes a happy event turns family life upside down. Tiago finishes his chemotherapy cycle and prepares to confront the side effects. Marie finds that time drags in hospital, calling on all her father's patience and imagination. Jivan is getting better and better at controlling his diabetes.

Directed by: Alexandre Lachavanne (season 1, Switzerland, 2021)