Ma vie d'après

A totally new life: there are those who dream of it, and those who've done it. Doubts, surprises, joys, disappointments... The interwoven portraits of thirteen people who took a giant leap into the unknown.

Directed by: Paul Cabanis, Émilie Lambin, Romain Perrot, Alexia Kefalas, Marc de Langenhagen, Pierre-Antoine Souchard, Marie Juteau, Clothilde Zins, Lizzie Treu, Nicolas Margerand, Benjamin Lucas (France, 2021)


Episode 1

Former army mechanic, Kévin swapped a steady job for a polar adventure, investing his life's savings to become a guide in Finnish Lapland. Pastry chef in the Isère, Flora is prepared to make every sacrifice to make her dream come true and become a zookeeper.

Directed by: Paul Cabanis, Marc de Langenhagen, Romain Perrot, Émilie Lambin (France, 2021)