( Season 2022 )
Littoral, a program meant for those who love the sea, takes you on a trip along Atlantic coastlines, wherever unexpected discoveries, impromptu encounters and intense emotions lead them.

Presented by: Marine Barnérias.


Sam Davies, du sel dans le sang
Sam Davies, salt in her blood

Encounter with the English skipper Samantha Davies shortly before the start of the Route du Rhum.
Director: Corentin Pichon.

Presenter: Marine Barnérias.

Le marin imaginaire
The would-be sailor

We meet the director Jean-François Laguionie as he prepares his new feature-length animated film. From his very youngest years to his most recent work, he has always seen the sea as a source of inspiration. In his studio near Tréguier, he recounts his current work-in-progress...
Directed by: Pierre-François Le Brun.

Presented by: Marine Barnérias.
Hélène et les îliennes
Hélène and the people of the islands

In 2015, Hélène Prigent left Paris for Ushant with one idea in mind: to set up her own publishing house and explore island cultures. Seven years and eight books later she's launching a new project: collecting the stories of the Ushant sailors, and their wives left alone on the island.
Report by: Erwan Le Guillermic.

Presented by: Marine Barnérias.