( Season 2021 )
Littoral, a program meant for those who love the sea, takes you on a trip along Atlantic coastlines, wherever unexpected discoveries, impromptu encounters and intense emotions lead them.

Presented by: Marine Barnérias.


La longue route d'Arthur
Arthur's long route to sustainability

Racing yachts, built using non-recyclable materials, have a negative impact on the environment. Professional yachtsman, Arthur Le Vaillant extols a radical change of model, both ethically and economically. His think tank, La Vague, a collective association of sailors, is studying the future of a sport largely disconnected from environmental issues.

Presented by: Marine Barnérias.
La plage des sentiments
Sand and sentiment

On the sand, in the water, the thrill of that first awakening, of bodies laid bare, freed, revealed. The beach has always been an eternal theatre. Everything is almost permissible, or at least better tolerated. On the beach feelings become immense, because salty, luminous, unique, almost addictive.
Directed by: Corentin Pichon.

Presented by: Marine Barnérias.