Les nouveaux nomades - generique

Les nouveaux nomades

( Season 2020 )

From the Mediterranean coast to the Alpine peaks, the banks of the Loire to the shores of the Atlantic and the Pyrenees to the heart of Paris, the new nomads lead us on an exploration of their region, far from the beaten track, to meet those with a real passion.


An encounter with the artist Ben, visit to the Museum of Aquitaine with an unsighted guide, immersion in Death Valley, lesson in how to apply gold leaf, visit to a veritable garden of Eden in the Sarthe.

Presented by: Nathalie Simon, Éric Perrin, Guillaume Pierre, Yvan Hallouin, Julie Hattu.
An extraordinary fishing expedition in the Gironde estuary, visit to the Chartreuse de Neuville, musical encounter with Hakim, a little TLC for injured animals in the Isère, immersion in the legend of the four sons of Aymon.

Presented by: Éric Perrin, Kamini, Yvan Hallouin, Laurent Guillaume, Carine Aigon.