Les 33 contours de la chanson romande

From the 1930s to the modern-day, protest songs in French-speaking Switzerland question the political and social themes headlining at the time. From Gilles to Stress, from Henri Dès to La Gale, discover a medley of some of the best.

Directed by: Cédric Comtesse (Switzerland, 2018)


De Gilles à Patrick Juvet
Part 1: From Gilles to Patrick Juvet

From 1932 to 1979, Jean Villard (known as Gilles) to Patrick Juvet, "Dollar" to "I Love America", popular music in French-Speaking Switzerland tackled a wide range of themes such as ecology, nuclear power, racism, feminism... Henri Dès, Michel Bühler, Yvette Théraulaz, Pascal Auberson and others recount...

Directed by: Cédric Comtesse (Switzerland, 2018)
De Sarclo à Stress
Part 2: From Sarclo to Stress

From 1979 to the modern day, from Sarcloret to Stress or the rapper La Gale, popular music in French-speaking Switzerland continued to reflect the many and varied facets of Swiss and international society. Archive footage and interviews with Carlos Leal, member of Sens Unik, Stress, Nicolas Michel (alias K)...

Directed by: Cédric Comtesse (Switzerland, 2018)