Les 100 lieux qu'il faut voir

( Season 4 )

Journey through France's top-rated 100 destinations!

An unforgettable voyage through France, for nature-lovers, history buffs, everyone fascinated by ancient buildings and all who appreciate good food and authentic produce.


Le Périgord tricolore
The tricolour Périgord and the glories of the Dordogne, the hidden colours of the Périgord

History steeped in mystery, unique expertise and deliciously gourmet recipes, the Périgord, whether black, green, red or white has always been one of France's richest regions, starting in the Middle Ages. We head to Brantôme, Venice of the Périgord, then to Périgueux, capital of the Dordogne, and to Monbazillac.

Directed by: Vanessa Pontet (season 4, France, 2017)