Jobtausch, professionnels à travers le monde

( Season 1 )

People from around the world swap professional jobs, but it's not as easy as you think!

A week doing the same job, but on the other side of the world: that's the "Jobtausch" challenge. Breakdown mechanic, chocolate-maker, cook, beautician, zoo-keeper... All are ready to play the game and swap their usual workplace with that of their opposite numbers overseas.


Couturières au Pérou
Seamstresses in Peru

Professionals in the world of Swiss haute couture, Marina Caduff and Irène Fischer, swap places with Peruvian weavers. Farewell sewing machine and hello artisanal Andean weaving! Their opposite numbers, Cirilo Yucra and Edgar Santos, tackle the creation of an evening dress.

Directed by: Karen Ballmer (Switzerland, 2020)