Histoire(s) de jardins

( Season 3 )

Discover the most extraordinary gardens in Switzerland, each an actual little corner of paradise hidden behind hedges and fences. Who are the enthusiasts working to create them? What are the secrets of their success?

Watching TV can sometimes be stressful, loud, and not at all relaxing. This is exactly what Histoire(s) de jardins is not. Each episode is told like a story, with a calming voice-over, beautiful shots of a wild garden, or jardin à la française. This is simply the best garden show you can watch if you’re looking for ideas about what to do with your small (or big) piece of land, if you want to create some more feng shui in your backyard, or if you just want to know more incredible plant facts. Each episode also tells the story of the gardener, and how they built their haven of greenery.


Just like 5 years ago when you had no idea you’d be into cooking shows like Chef’s Table, Mind of a Chef or MasterChef, there is an unexpected joy of discovering that gardening shows are just as entertaining. Just like Netflix’s Love Your Garden or Big Dreams, Small Spaces, Histoire(s) de jardins is not about having a grandiose 20 acre Versailles-inspired garden but about creating an oasis of green that fits your taste and mood, whether you’re into wild, jungle-like gardens or well-kept rose garden with a beautiful gazebo.


The show, broadcasted on the Swiss channel RTS is mostly focused on gardens in Switzerland, which offers a wide variety of climates, but from time to time, the show explores green gems from all over the world.


Presented by: Katharina Locher.


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