En marge du monde

An incursion into the everyday lives of those who have adopted a radically different lifestyle. Samian pays an immersive visit to unique characters, people who live on the fringes of modern society, who turn our convictions upside down and trouble our ideologies.


Éternels nomades - ThaÏlande
Eternal nomads - Thailand

Marie and Julien left their family and friends in France to live a nomadic life in Asia. With the arrival of a baby, the young couple, conscious of the challenges ahead, still have no intention of stopping.

Directed by: Sarah Fortin (Canada, 2019)
Miriam Lancewood - Nouvelle-Zélande
Miriam Lancewood - New Zealand

Job, apartment, security: in 2010 Miriam Lancewood dropped everything and fitted what remained of her life into a backpack. Since then she has lived by fishing, hunting and gathering, in a wilderness surrounded by nature, in search of a life of freedom and without compromise.

Directed by: Sarah Fortin (Canada, 2019)