Des racines & des ailes - Passion patrimoine

Des racines & des ailes - Passion patrimoine

( Season 2020 )

Host Carole Gaessler highlights the signifiant craftsman, experts, and people who are responsible for preserving the cultural heritage of destinations from around the world.

A programme devoted to heritage, history and knowledge, which combines a local focus with the wider picture. The reports feature people with a passion for what they do, cultural professionals and those who are proactive in their lives, who make the link between past and present.

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Le goût du Pays basque
The flavour of the Basque country

On the Basque coast, Viviane Delpech, architectural historian, heads off to explore its Art Deco heritage: Villa Leihorra, built by the architect Joseph Hiriart, and the famous stained glass by the master glassmaker Jacques Grüber. Further inland, producers with a cause create products with all the flavour of their terroir.

Directed by: Sandra Malfait (France, 2020)