Des racines & des ailes

( Season 2021 )

France’s most iconic documentary series is back for another season at TV5MONDE USA. Des Racines & des Ailes is a must-see for anyone with a passion for history, especially French heritage and what connects the past from the present.

If a show has been on air since 1997 (!) then you know it’s one you don’t want to miss. What started as a show created to showcase France’s forgotten history and reignite tourism in regions that are often overlooked is now a French TV staple watched by millions every month and even in classrooms. Each episode focuses on a particular location, chosen for its architectural beauty and cultural heritage, and tells the story of its communities, its civilization, and its significant historical figures. If many episodes are centered on France, now in its 24 seasons, the show has branched out and often travels to European or francophone countries around the world.

France’s rich heritage is beautifully showcased and documented here thanks to the country's pride in the richness of its cultural past and the many influences that made what France is today.


For years, Des Racines & des Ailes has been praised for playing a role in the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of France and for putting the focus on the lesser-known castles, churches, small villages and traditions that are fighting for their survival in a global world.


So if you don’t travel to France not nearly as often as you’d like or if you’re looking for a new region to visit, start watching or streaming Des Racines & des Ailes now on TV5MONDE USA.


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