D'Amours et d'eau fraîche

( Season 1 )
A lifestyle that's more independent, more minimalist, where adventure and encounters become the key words... How to manage it, when all you have to offer are two arms and plenty of good will? Simon D'Amours tries participative tourism in the Canadian Yukon.


Cuistots sur les flots
Chefs on the water

Simon takes on a new challenge as an expedition assistant with Terre Boréale, an agency run by Miléna and Maxime. From preparing the trip right through to the canoe expedition on the Yukon River, will Simon succeed in convincing his hosts that they need an employee?

Directed by: Tim Lawrence (Canada, 2019)
L'appel de la montagne
The call of the mountains

Sylvain Turcotte runs Boreal Mountain Biking, a company in the village of Carcross. He offers a good-humoured welcome and rapidly involves him in the various everyday tasks. Serving the clients' meals, brush-cutting to clear the forest trail... Will Simon manage to keep up the pace?

Réalisation : Tim Lawrence (Canada, 2019)