Ciao plastique

An immersion in the day-to-day life of a Quebec family trying to live without plastic. A decision that's easy to take, but which rapidly becomes complicated to stick to day in and day out. Meet the Charuest-Franks family!


La rentrée
Episode 1: summer's over

The Charuest-Franks family, Évelyne and Glenn with their children Léo and Nina and cat Moka, lead an ordinary life, in an ordinary suburb. Like many Canadians, they worry about their excessive use of plastic. But is it really possible to live without? It's time to get sorting!

Directed by: Simon Madore (Canada, 2020)
Les vacances
Episode 2: holiday time

If life without plastic isn't always easy, the family is sticking to their principles and adapting as necessary. How to dress without synthetic fibres? As autumn arrives the Charuest-Franks don't have a lot to wear. But there's no question of giving up on their plan to go camping...

Directed by: Simon Madore (Canada, 2020)
La fête de Nina
Episode 3: Nina's birthday

Winter's come. Equipped with their wooden sledges from the 1950s, the Charuest-Franks are off for some fun sliding, before preparing to celebrate Nina's birthday, "plastic-free" of course. As the adventure heads towards its end, it's time to take stock. Will Évelyne, Glenn and their children continue the experiment?

Directed by: Simon Madore (Canada, 2020)