Vénus Beauté (institut)

Vénus Beauté (institut)

1 hr 41 min
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At Vénus Beauté, three beauticians pamper a regular clientele. Angèle, the longest-serving, no longer believes in love; preferring short affairs and one night stands. One morning, an unknown man declares he loves her. Angèle is apprehensive, will she manage to let down her defences and begin a real relationship?

Directed by: Tonie Marshall (France, 1998)
Cast: Nathalie Baye (Angèle), Samuel Le Bihan (Antoine), Bulle Ogier (Ms Nadine), Mathilde Seigner (Samantha), Audrey Tautou (Marie), Elli Medeiros (Ms Evelyne) Robert Hossein (the airman), Jacques Bonnaffé (Jacques), Micheline Presle (Maryse)
Genre: comedy
Awards: Best film, Best director, Most promising actress, Best original screenplay (2000 César awards), Most promising actress (2000 Les Lumières)