Valentin Valentin

1 hr 42 min
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Valentin, a charming if rather melancholy young man, is torn between his insatiable girlfriend, three rather flirty young women on the fifth floor and an overly demonstrative caretaker. But when he invited all his neighbours to his housewarming party, he never imagined it would trigger an uncontrollable spiral of violence!

Directed by: Pascal Thomas (France, 2014)
Based on the novel "Tigerlily's Orchids" by Ruth Rendell.
Cast: Vincent Rottiers (Valentin), Marilou Berry (Élodie), Marie Gillain (Claudia), Arielle Dombasle (Valentin's mother), Géraldine Chaplin (Jane), Alexandra Stewart (Sylvia), François Morel (Roger), Christine Citti (Antonia), Louis-Do de Lencquesaing (Freddy), Félix Moati (Romain), Agathe Bonitzer (Florence), Christian Vadim (Sergio)
Genre: comedy