Une aussi longue absence

Une aussi longue absence

1 hr 34 min
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Thérèse Langlois is intrigued by a tramp who looks just like her husband, deported by the Germans fifteen years earlier. She decides to follow him, to be certain that it is indeed him. But he's suffering from amnesia. Patiently, Thérèse tries to find a way to reawaken his memories...

Réalisation : Henri Colpi (France/Italie, 1960)
Scénario : Henri Colpi, Marguerite Duras, Gérard Jarlot
Distribution : Alida Valli (Thérèse Langlois), Georges Wilson (le clochard), Charles Blavette (Fernand), Amédée (Marcel Langlois), Paul Faivre , Pierre Parel, Corrado Guarducci, Clément Harari
Genre : drame
Awards: Palme d'Or (Cannes 1961), 1961 Louis Delluc Prize, nominations (BAFTA 1963)