Une affaire d'État

1 hr 39 min
Not recommended for under 12 years.
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Nora investigates the murder of an escort girl in Pigalle. Convinced the affair's linked to a plane carrying weapons that exploded over the Gulf of Guinea, and involves people in high places, the inspector shakes up her superiors. Murders and betrayals accumulate. Can the national interest really justify it all?

Directed by: Éric Valette (France, 2007)
Screenplay: Alexandre Charlot, Franck Magnier, based on a novel by Dominique Manotti.
Cast: André Dussollier (Victor Bornand), Thierry Frémont (Michel Fernandez), Rachida Brakni (Nora Chahyd), Christine Boisson (Mado), Gérald Laroche (Christophe Bonfils), Serge Hazanavicius (Olivier Keller), Éric Savin (Maurizio)
Genre: detective
Awards: 2 nominations (Saint-Jean-de-Luz 2009)
Parental guidance: TV-14