Un chat un chat

Un chat un chat

1 hr 41 min
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Thirty-five year-old Célimène, suffering from writer's block, is staying temporarily at her mother's with her son. But living together is difficult.... One day she meets Anaïs, a young woman who's been stalking her for several days. Anaïs is determined to help Célimène, suggesting herself as a subject for her writing!

Directed by: Sophie Fillières (France, 2008)
Cast: Chiara Mastroianni (Nathalie/Célimène), Agathe Bonitzer (Anaïs), Malik Zidi (Antoine), Mateo Julio Cedrón (Adam), Dominique Valadié (la mère), Sophie Guillemin (Marion), Philippe Morier-Genoud (Dimitri), Rasha Bukvic (Geza)
Genre: comedy