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1 hr 22 min
Prohibited for under 12 years.
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Whilst carrying out his very last robbery, Frank Valken sees a commando of killers arrive and execute all the witnesses. Amongst the victims, the magistrate who was investigating the Crazy Gunmen, an affair dating back thirty years. The perfect suspect, Frank escapes to try to prove his innocence.

Directed by: François Troukens (France/Belgium, 2016)
Cast: Olivier Gourmet (Frank Valken), Lubna Azabal (Lucie Tesla), Kevin Janssens (Vik), Bouli Lanners (Dany Bouvy), Tibo Vandenborre (Santo), Bérénice Baoo (Nora), Karim Barras (Alain Rolesko), Natacha Régnier (the judge), Anne Coesens (Hélène), Johan Leysen (the state prosecutor)
Genre: detective
Parental guidance: TV-14