Tricky old dogs

1 hr 29 min
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Antoine, 70 years-old and recently widowed, discovers a letter that makes him furious enough to lose all reason. His childhood friends, Pierrot and Émile, along with Sophie, his heavily pregnant grand-daughter, follow in hot pursuit to try to prevent him committing a crime of passion... fifty years after the event!

Directed by: Christophe Duthuron (France, 2018)
Based on the comics by Wilfrid Lupano and Paul Cauuet.
Cast: Pierre Richard (Pierrot), Eddy Mitchell (Émile), Roland Giraud (Antoine), Alice Pol (Sophie/Lucette), Henri Guybet (Garan-Servier), Myriam Boyer (Berthe), Rebecca Azan (Capucine), Alain Dumas (Alexandre)
Genre: comedy
Parental guidance: TV-PG