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Cannes Official Selection, 2021. A singer-songwriter in Paris receives a cryptic message from a mysterious woman in this comedic drama.

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Tralala, a forty-something street busker in Paris, crosses the path of a young woman who leaves him with a cryptic message before disappearing: "above all, don't be yourself". Had he dreamed it? Tralala leaves the French capital and, in Lourdes, finally meets her again, the woman he already loves ...

Directed by: Jean-Marie Larrieu, Arnaud Larrieu (France, 2020)
Cast: Mathieu Amalric (Tralala), Josiane Balasko (Lili), Mélanie Thierry (Jeannie), Maïwenn (Barbara), Bertrand Belin (Seb), Denis Lavant (Climby), Galatéa Bellugi (Virginie), Jalil Lespert (Benjamin)
Genre: dramedy
Awards: official selection (Cannes 2021)