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Tout va bien se passer

1 hr 30 min
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Everything will be fine

At the start of a weeks' holiday, Franck's daughter Sybille announces that she's permanently moving in with her father. This news bothers Isabelle more than she cares to admit. She begins making mistakes and forgetting things. Concerned, Isabelle consults a doctor who suspects a serious illness.

Directed by: Pascal Lahmani (France, 2014)
Screenplay: Julie Jézéquel
Cast: Michèle Bernier (Isabelle), Mark Grosy (Franck), Thomas Doucet (Pierre), Mariama Gueye (Nelly), Rémi Yen (Kim), Julie de Bona (Wanda), Katia Tchenko (Ms Dardenne), Didier Cauchy (Luc), Gina Haller (Sybille)
Genre: comedy