Tout de suite maintenant

1 hr 33 min
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As she begins a promising career in high finance, Nora discovers a long-standing rivalry between the director and her father, who knew one another in their youth. As the weeks pass, the young thirty-something gains the confidence of her superiors. But her relationship with Xavier, a close colleague, remains complicated.

Directed by: Pascal Bonitzer (France/Luxembourg, 2015)
Cast: Agathe Bonitzer (Nora), Vincent Lacoste (Xavier), Lambert Wilson (Barsac), Isabelle Huppert (Solveig), Jean-Pierre Bacri (Serge), Julia Faure (Maya), Pascal Greggory (Prévôt-Parédès), Virgil Vernier (Zeligmann), Iliana Lolic (Tina), Yannick Renier (Van Stratten), François Baldassare (Raoul), Laure Roldan (Fleur)
Genre: drama