Tom Medina

Tom Medina

1 hr 40 min
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The family court judge has sent Tom to live with Ulysse, a big-hearted man very close to nature. Soon he stops stealing, develops a thirst for knowledge and aspires to become someone else. But revolted by the unchanging hostility he faces, he begins the fight to change his destiny...

Directed by: Tony Gatlif (France, 2020)
Cast: David Murgia (Tom Medina), Slimane Dazi (Ulysse), Karoline Rose Sun (Stella), Suzanne Aubert (Suzanne), Lyes Ouzeri (Bob), Romain Carbuccia (Carlos), Morgan Deschamps (Louis), Clément Bouchet (Clément)
Genre: drama
Awards: official selection (Cannes 2021)