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Toi et moi

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Ariane, a writer of photo romances for the magazine "Toi et Moi", has a tendency to write about her and her sister's love lives, with a few embellishments. However their lives are not like in the romantic novels: Ariane clings to Farid who cares little for her whilst Lena is getting bored with her partner François. What if Ariane gave up and fell in love with Paolo, the handsome Spanish labourer who works in her building? And what if Lena let her heart throb for Marc, the gifted violinist she just met? Will the two sisters finally find true love somewhere in between reality and a picture in a magazine?

Director: Julie Lopez-Corval (France, 2006)
Cast: Marion Cotillard (Léna), Julie Depardieu (Ariane), Jonathan Zaccaï (Marc), Eric Berger (François), Tomer Sisley (Farid)
Genre: comedy drama