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Sweet Valentine

1 hr 31 min
Not recommended for under 12 years.
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Sonia fell in love with Ivan at first sight. But Ivan, a small-time bandit, immediately detested the mousy, naive girl from the provinces, despising her, sometimes to the point of cruelty. However Sonia turns out to be remarkably skilled in innumerable domains. And ends up making herself indispensable to him!

Directed by: Emma Luchini (France, 2009)
Cast: Vincent Elbaz (Ivan), Vanessa David (Sonia), Louise Bourgoin (Camille), Gilles Cohen (Aronne), Chloé Mons (Mimi), Adrien Saint-Joré (Mèche), Mehdi Dehbi (Pierre), Fabiano Lourenco Marques (Joshua)
Genre: comedy
Awards: Grand Prix (Premiers Plans, Angers 2010)
Parental guidance: TV-14