Souvenirs perdus

Souvenirs perdus

1 hr 58 min
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And what if objects could talk? A statue of Osiris, a violin, a scarf, a funeral wreath... Silent witnesses to the joys and sorrows of their owners, all four come to life to recount their story, tales that range from the zany to the sentimental or simply moving!

Directed by: Christian-Jaque (France, 1950, black and white)
Cast: Gérard Philipe (Gérard de Narçay), Edwige Feuillère (Florence), Pierre Brasseur (Philippe), Danièle Delorme (Danièle), François Périer (Jean-Pierre Delagrange), Suzy Delair (Suzy), Bernard Blier (Raoul the agent), Yves Montand (Raoul the singer)
Genre: comedy drama