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Signes extérieurs de richesse

1 hr 30 min
Not recommended for under 12 years.
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Gigi, a vet, moves in high society: luxury apartment, large cars, priceless suits... Until the day the Inland Revenue decides to take a closer look. The audit is entrusted to a young but punctilious inspector, Béatrice, determined to prove that she's up to the job for her first mission!

Directed by: Jacques Monnet (France, 1983)
Cast: Claude Brasseur (Gigi/Jean-Jacques Lestrade), Josiane Balasko (Béatrice Flamand), Jean-Pierre Marielle (Jérôme Bouvier), Charlotte de Turckheim (Sylvie Picard), Roland Giraud (Gérard Picard), Xavier Saint-Macary (Bianchi), Pascale Ogier (medical assistant), Jean Reno (Gérard Gratch)
Genre: comedy
Parental guidance: TV-14