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Sans arme, ni haine, ni violence

1 hr 28 min
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Albert Spaggiari has been on the run since 1977. Uncatchable, the famous Nice bank robber mocks the police by giving press interviews. Vincent, a journalist, discovers a gentleman thief a world away from the criminal gangs. A sensitive soul who suffers from not being able to really enjoy his glory...

Directed by: Jean-Paul Rouve (France, 2007)
Cast: Jean-Paul Rouve (Albert Spaggiari), Alice Taglioni (Julia), Gilles Lellouche (Vincent Goumard), Maxime Leroux (68), Patrick Bosso (the gangster), Anne Marivin (the police officer), Renan Carteaux (Renaud), Bertrand Burgalat, Arsène Mosca, Florence Loiret-Caille
Genre: biopic