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Raid dingue

1 hr 45 min
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Johanna Pasquali, an absent-minded dreamer, trains relentlessly to achieve her ambition of becoming the first woman to join the elite RAID police unit! Admitted to the official training centre, for obscure and political reasons, she finds herself in the group run by Eugène Froissard, the most misogynist of all policemen...

Directed by: Dany Boon (France, 2016)
Cast: Alice Pol (Johanna Pasquali), Dany Boon (Eugène Froissard), Michel Blanc (Jacques Pasquali), Yvan Attal (Viktor), Sabine Azéma (Marie-Caroline Dubarry), Patrick Mille (Édouard Dubarry), François Levantal (Patrick Legrand)
Genre: comedy
Awards: official selection (Alpe d'Huez 2017)