Quand les souris dansent

Quand les souris dansent

1 hr 30 min
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The mice will play

In a magnificent Château transformed into an ultra-select night club, Madame Maude brings together, for the greater pleasure of her wealthy clients, young students game for anything. Gréco's team have to investigate undercover in this steamy world, one already infiltrated by the French secret service.

Directed by: Alexandre Coffre (season 3, France, 2021)
Scenario: Thierry Debroux, inspired by the work of Agatha Christie.
Cast: Arthur Dupont (Max Beretta), Émilie Gavois-Kahn (Annie Gréco), Chloé Chaudoye (Rose Bellecour), Benoît Moret (Jacques Blum), Quentin Baillot (Servan Legoff), Christèle Tual (Barbara Bellecour), Grégoire Oestermann (Arnaud Bellecour)
Genre: detective