Présumé coupable

52 min
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Presumed guilty

Nadia and Maxime Laffargue defend Jeremy Dutertre, a young man with a heavy criminal record, accused of murdering a grocer during a hold-up. Having made every effort to go straight, Jeremy claims he's innocent but has trouble controlling himself before the public prosecutor, Jacques Kowalski, known for being particularly underhand.

Directed by: Jean-Christophe Delpias (France, 2021)
Screenplay: Lionel Olenga, Nicolas Robert, Cécile Even, Lucille Brandi, Julie-Anna Grignon, Julien Anscutter
Cast: Daniel Njo Lobé (Idriss Toma), Christiane Millet (Jeanne Vanhoven), Naidra Ayadi (Nadia Ayad), Barbara Probst (Claire Caldeira), Théo Frilet (Maxime Laffargue), Elias Hauter (Jeremy Dutertre), Grégoire Bonnet (Jacques Kowalski), Catherine Demaiffe (Élodie Nedelec), Wendy Nieto (Chloé Barbier)
Awards: Best actor for Daniel Njo Lobé, 2021 Series Mania Festival.