1 hr 40 min
Not recommended for under 10 years.
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Daniel, a biologist studying the disappearance of fish, is haunted by paternity. 

With ocean wildlife on the edge of extinction, Daniel, a timid but obstinate biologist, tries to give fish back their desire to breed. Perhaps because he's haunted by his own desire for fatherhood. One morning, saving a strange fish with legs from drowning, he makes an unexpected encounter!

Directed by: Olivier Babinet (France/Belgium, 2019)
Cast: Gustave Kervern (Daniel), India Hair (Lucie), Ellen Dorrit Petersen (Eeva), Jean-Benoît Ugeux (Georges), Sofian Khammes (Alaide), Alexis Manenti (Éric), Okinawa Guerard-Valerie (Bao) Edson Anibal (Abou), Justin Eng (Jérémie)
Genre: comedy
Awards: nominations (César award 2021, Cabourg 2020)
Parental guidance: TV-PG