Plan de table

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Destinies can be changed by the smallest of incidents. Watch the French romantic comedy Plan de table to find out what happens when name cards are accidentally mixed up at a wedding…

Plan de table Film Synopsis

After the bride has a brief but intense encounter with her ex, the wedding table is all messed up. She goes off to tidy herself up while he puts back the name place cards, not knowing where they were supposed to have gone. The results of this mix-up on the guests’ long-term destinies are more serious than he could have imagined — some couples split and others get together for the first time — leading him to go back in time and arrange the name cards differently in an attempt to correct the errors of fate.

Genre :               Romantic comedy

Directed by :   Christelle Raynal

Written by :     Francis Nief (scenario and dialogue), Christelle Raynal (adaptation)

Starring :          Elsa Zylberstein (Catherine), Franck Dubosc (Pierre), and Audrey Lamy (Marjorie)

Country :          France

Length :            84 minutes

Subtitles :        English


Elsa Zylberstein won the Best Actress award for her role in Plan de table and director Christelle Raynal received ten nominations for the film at the Alpe d'Huez International Comedy Film Festival in 2012.

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