Place des Victoires

1 hr 39 min
Available subtitles
It's the story of an improbable meeting between Bruno, a forty-something whose professional and family problems have left him marginalised, and Gagic, an impish street urchin and petty thief. Guided by the young boy with his sunny poetic character and sense of mischief, Bruno gradually gets back on his feet.

Directed by: Yoann Guillouzouic (France, 2018)
Cast: Guillaume de Tonquédec (Bruno), Piti Puia (Gagic), Richard Bohringer (the landlord), Clara Ponsot (the neighbour), Gwendolyn Gourvenec (the lawyer), Claire Borotra (Sandrine)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: 2 nominations (Angoulême 2019)