1 hr 46 min
It's the story of a rebirth. That of Ben, seriously disabled after an accident. Transferred to a rehabilitation clinic, the young basketball player has to relearn how to live, wash, dress, walk... A long, seemingly chaotic journey, with its victories and defeats. Ben needs all the patience he can muster!

Directed by: Grand Corps Malade, Mehdi Idir (France, 2017)
Based on the novel by Grand Corps Malade.
Cast: Pablo Pauly (Ben), Soufiane Guerrab (Farid), Moussa Mansaly (Toussaint), Nailia Harzoune (Samia), Franck Falise (Steeve), Yannick Renier (François), Jason Divengele (Lamine), Rabah Nait Oufella (Eddy), Alban Ivanov (Jean-Marie), Anne Benoît (Christiane)
Genre: comedy drama