Paris est toujours Paris

1 hr 52 min
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A group of Italian supporters arrive in Paris to watch a football match. They have twenty-four hours to kill. Full of illusions, they each go their separate ways, ready for fun in the city of every fantasy. Only Franco escapes deception, falling in love as soon as he arrives...

Directed by: Luciano Emmer (France/Italy, 1950, black and white)
Cast: Marcello Mastroianni (Marcello Venturi), Yves Montand (himself), Aldo Fabrizi (Andrea De Angelis), Lucia Bose (Mimi De Angelis), Henri Guisol (Mr Morand), Ave Ninchi (Elvira De Angelis), Jeannette Batti (Claudia), Hélène Remy (Christine), Franco Interlinghi (Franco Martini), Henri Genes (Paul Gremier)
Genre: comedy
Awards: Golden Lion nomination (Venice 1951)