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Papi sitter

1 hr 32 min

While Camille's parents are away on a cruise ship, her two grandfathers, who have completely opposite personalities and parenting styles, must figure out how to help Camille pass her finals.


As the baccalaureate approaches, Camille is way behind in her revision. To help her organise herself better her parents get her Grandpa André to stay, former policeman and as psychologically rigid as they come! But things start falling apart when Teddy, her other grandfather and former night-club manager, arrives unannounced...

Directed by: Philippe Guillard (France, 2019)
Cast: Gérard Lanvin (André), Olivier Marchal (Teddy), Camille Aguilar (Camille), Jean-François Cayrey (Franck), Anne Girouard (Karine), Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Vivianne), Laurent Olmedo (Roberto)
Genre: comedy