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On aura tout vu !

1 hr 37 min
Not recommended for under 10 years.
François dreams of directing his first film, a poetic romance. But when a certain Morlock agrees to produce it, Christine, François's wife is shocked: the changes imposed have turned the original project into a pornographic film. Unable to make him react, she gets herself hired as the leading actress ...

Directed by: Georges Lautner (France, 1976)
Cast: Pierre Richard (François), Miou-Miou (Christine), Jean-Pierre Marielle (Morlock), Gérard Jugnot (Ploumenech), Renée Saint-Cyr (Ms Ferroni), Valérie Mairesse (Pierrette), Henri Guybet (Mercier), Arlette Emmery (Marie-France), Michel Blanc (un copain), Sabine Azéma (Miss Ferroni), Marie-Anne Chazel (Marie-Anne)
Genre: comedy
Parental guidance: TV-PG