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1 hr 50 min
Available subtitles
Oblomov spends his days on a sofa in his dressing gown, in a tumbledown cinema reflecting his state of mind, dreaming of his childhood paradise, Oblomovka. His emotions vacillate as he deals with a move, is visited by his friend Stolz and becomes passionate about young, Olga.

Directed by: Guillaume Gallienne (France, 2016)
Screenplay: Frédérique Moreau, Guillaume Gallienne, based on a novel by Ivan Gontcharov
Cast: Guillaume Gallienne (Ilia Ilitch Oblomov), Yves Gasc (Zakhar Trofimovitch), Céline Samie (Agafia Matveïevna), Nicolas Lormeau (Ivan Alexeïevitch Alexeïev), Adeline d'Hermy (Olga Sergueïevna Ilinskaïa), Sébastien Pouderoux (Andreï Ivanovitch Stolz)
Genre: drama
Awards: Best new actress (Adeline d'Hermy), Festival des Créations Télévisuelles de Luchon 2017